How Do I Call South Africa

How Do I Call South Africa

When making an international call to South Africa, you will need to dial The exit code for your country. This is the code you need to get from Call Nation an international line from your country. For example, from the United States, you would dial 011.The country code for South Africa, is 27. The area code for the city or region you are trying to reach. The local phone number.

Some helpful tips for calling South Africa:

There is no standard time zone in South Africa. The country is divided into four time zones: Central African Time (CAT), East African Time (EAT), South African Standard Time (SAST), and West African Time (WAT). The voltage in South Africa is 220 volts, 50 Hz. You will need a plug adapter if you are coming from a country with a different voltage. South Africa uses the GSM mobile phone network. If you are coming from a country that uses a Prepaid Mall you may be able to use your cell phone in South Africa.

The emergency voip phone number in South Africa is 10111. This number can be used for any type of emergency, including fire, police, and ambulance services. for some more helpful tips for calling use the 934 area code936 area code

If you need to call South Africa from another country, you’ll need to use the international calling code for the country you’re in. To reach a South African phone number from abroad, dial:

“+” (the international access code for your country)

“27” (South Africa’s country code)

The local area code (without the initial “0” if there is one)

The local 7-digit phone number.

To call a South African cell phone from the United States, you would dial: +1 646-XXX-XXX


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