Detlef Rujanski

Detlef Rujanski celebrates 25 years as the overseeing head of the Siegen understudy affiliation. Achim Meyer auf nook Heyde, Secretary-General, was saluted by workers, visitors, and Detlef Rujanski on April 13. The service occurred in the Emmy Noether cafeteria.

In his discourse, Heiko Thimm, director of the Board, expressed that since Rujanski showed up in 1993, the number of understudies in Siegen has expanded from 13,000 to around 19,000 (winter semester 2017/2018). As needs are, the Anzahl der Mitarbeiter in the Studierendenwerk has ascended from about 100 to about 170.

Rozanski laid out the childcare place in 1996 and the adaptable childcare office at the college in 2010. The overseeing chief bought and remodeled a few properties throughout the city and made almost 300 understudy dorms. The college all’s providing food foundations were likewise remodeled during his residency. Rozanski made two auxiliaries that give business cleaning and cooking administration.

Steady restoration

Thimm investigated the continuous tasks at the Studierendenwerk: The bottle and cafeteria are being modernized on the “Adolf-Reichwein-Strasse” grounds. Plans call for 128 new understudy lofts. Development of the Obergraben flask on the Unteres Schloss grounds has recently begun. Burkhard Lutz (Head of Student Services) was a well-wisher for the workers.

You can be dynamic in numerous areas.

Rujanski was named agent administrator of the understudy associations’ directorate in 1998. Beginning around 1999, he has likewise been answerable for the public organization meeting of understudy associations called “Contemplating with kids.” Furthermore, he has been an individual from the University of Siegen’s Study Support Fund Board beginning around 2008 and delegate representative for the North Rhine-Westphalia working gathering of understudy relationship starting about 2015.

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